Top 9 Best Online Sports Management Degree Programs

Top 9 Best Online Sports Management Degree Programs

Sports management has become a popular and booming educational discipline, so picking this program can be a great decision for you. The athletics is an industry that is known as a multi billion – dollar a year and many people who love sports but can’t utilize it as their professional career, so the athletes pick to get a related degree in business. Today, dozens of schools, colleges and universities are offering degrees in sports management, but a great number of these institutes are offer education at higher costs. What for the students who can’t afford the higher academic costs? For such students, we have prepared the list of top 9 best Online Sports Management Degree Programs as per 2016 rankings.

List of Top 9 Best Online Sports Management Degree Programs 2016 Rankings

1. Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University

Winning the first spot in our rankings, the Columbia Southern University claims to be the best university that offers the most affordable online degree in the sports management. It is a private university that is popular for it distance learning programs in the countryside. Since its foundation in 1993, the university got many academic successes making it stand on the first spot. It calls all the enthusiastic sports facilities managers, sports information directors, sports from office administrators and sports communications relation directors – Columbia Southern has a great fame for its affordability and supreme education in various fields of education especially for its online education system.

Just upon acquiring a solid foundation in the business courses and general education, you’ll move toward reading the sports marketing, finance, fundraising, and administration. Furthermore, you will also have the choice to pick many other topics such as sociology of sport and risk management. This great institute is accredited by the higher education transfer alliance; that operates to ease the transfer means for the students.

2. American Public University

American Public University

American public university is a profit-making university specialized for the distance learning programs. It is offering you the second most affordable degree in sports management program at the reasonable academic cost. Out of its broad range of academics, you have the option to choose a degree in sports management if you want to begin your career in sports management. This academic choice will let you apply micds administration, business & sports, and leadership. This great institute allows to you learn evaluating and analyzing the core problems that affect the sports leadership, marketing, ethics, and sociology.

It allows the students to take the overall 122 credit hours divided up between core requirements, general education, major requirements, general electives, institutional requirements and final program requirement. APU additionally offers you a great number of career service programs that can assist the students arrange internships or discover the amazing jobs as graduates. Here all the textbooks are provided free of cost, and in 2014, the U.S News and World Report ranked this university as the best Online program making it a great and popular educational body in the countryside.

3. Columbia College of Missouri

Columbia College of Missouri

Getting the third spot in our rankings, the Columbia College of Missouri allows the current business administration students to get specialization in the sports management. Though most of the classes are given in the business administration program including the business communication, microeconomics, however, the students are required to must have 18 credits of courses specifically related to athletics. Sports media, basic care, and prevention of athletic injuries and sports and events management are the main examples of this program. Here the students are also allowed to take part in an internship for credit.

4. Troy University

Troy University

Getting the fourth spot in our rankings, the Troy University is famed as a comprehensive public institute located in Alabama, United States. Since its foundation in 1887, the university got many educational achievements. It offers an extensive range of academics out of which an online sports management degree makes it stand on the fourth spot in our rankings. Getting a degree online at this university has a deep concentration than similar degree programs at other institutes as it also involves learning in the relevant areas like tourism and hospitality. However, students can tailor the degree to satisfy them by picking sports management as a major and studying marketing, event management, sports retail and facilities management to name a few. But all the students engaged to dissimilar study concentrations learn how to apply their critical thinking along with their communication abilities to the major problems faced in their field.

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List of Top 9 Most Affordable Online Sports Management Degree Programs 2016 Rankings

Rank Institute Annual Tuition
1. Columbia Southern University
  • Tuition: $4,895/yr
2. American Public University
  • Tuition: $6,400/yr
3. Columbia College of Missouri
  • Tuition: $7,115/yr
4. Troy University
  • Tuition: $7,392/yr
5. Wilmington University
  • Tuition: $9,950/yr
6. California University of Pennsylvania
  • Tuition: $9,239/yr (In-state)
  • $13,091/yr (Out-of-state)
7. University of Minnesota Crookston
  • Tuition: $11,448/yr
8. Florida International University
  • Tuition: $6,496/yr (In-state)
  • $18,895/yr (Out-of-state
9. United States Sports Academy
  • Tuition: $12,600/yr

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