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Top Five Engineering Universities In Texas

Top Five Engineering Universities In Texas

Texas is the second largest U.S state that is widely popular as one of the states with best education systems on the planet. Every year thousands of students pick Texas College or university for their higher education. There are lots of factors for which the students prefer to attend the Texas Institute. However the beautiful weather conditions, diversity of landscapes and loving people are also the major factors making it an ideal destination for higher study.

The major point to choose engineering as your education major is because it is famous as one of the highest rewarding degrees even for the graduates. When it comes to the best and high-class engineering programs, Texas comes in mind. But which is the best and most successful university in Texas can be the first question arising in our mind. In this article, we are going to rank the top five best engineering universities in Texas State.

List of Top Five Engineering Universities In Texas – 2015 Rankings

list of top five best engineering universities in texas state

5.    Eric Jonsson School of Engineering -The University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas in Dallas Eric Jonsson School of Engineering

The Eric Jonsson School of Engineering holds the fifth spot here in our rankings. It has doubled its research funding since 2003, and it is more likely to redouble its funding by 2020 and top the $60 million. During the most recent years, it has raised its faculty members in different disciplines after hiring the topper graduates of Stanford University, Purdue University, Seasoned Professionals of Rutgers University, Cornell University, and Georgia Tech.It has more than 198 faculty members and over 4824 enlisted students from which 2728 are science graduates, 1781 Master’s of Science students and 315 Ph.D students. For Further Details you can Visit the Official Website.

4.     Cullen College of Engineering -The University of Houston

Cullen College of Engineering (The University of Houston)

This institute was formed in 1941 and presently located in Houston, Texas (USA). This college is certified by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. This institute is widely famous because of it’s impressive and active community of faculty, staff, and the students. However, its alumni also played their role in its achievement.  More than 25 student groups, and engineering brilliance courses such as PROMES and the honors programs are providing more advanced academic and professional skills for the students.
Moreover, the engineering alumni association (EAA) is hosting network prospects for the university students and the alumni as well. It has more than 4600 enlisted students in diverse engineering programs from which 3536 are undergraduates and over 817 master’s students. Moreover, the college is also offering interdisciplinary graduate programs like materials, subsea, aerospace, computer and system engineering programs.  Why are you waiting? Just visit the Official Website , check the necessary details and get admission to your desired program.

3.    Rice University- George R. Brown School of Engineering

George R. Brown School of Engineering
The Engineering traces its roots in the Rice’s history since the university was opened in 1912 as The Rice Institute. In those days, the Institute was offering programs only in Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, and Electrical engineering. Later on, after the extension of this sector, the George R. Brown School was recognized in 1975.

Today the institute comprises nine academic departments moreover further 17 separate research institutes and centers are present here. Here more than 1360 undergraduate students are taught by PH.D faculty.  However, more than 1360 undergraduate and 867 graduates are given access to the professors not only in classrooms but they are also given access to work more closely in their labs. In fact, this institute holds the top spot in the bioengineering.Still if you need further details about this university just visit the official website .

2. The University of Texas: Cockrell School of Engineering

Cockrell School of Engineering

The next spot is given to the Cockrell School of Engineering. It  is situated at the University of Texas, at Austin; that was formed in 1894.  It has graduated more than 60,000 alumni, and all of them contributed well to make it a successful institute not only in the countryside but also all over the world.

It has more than more than 7800 enlisted students in nine undergraduate and thirteen graduate degree programs. This institute is not only propelling the innovation and research but also mounting the transformative technologies and solutions to the leading community. For further details visit  the Official Website.

1.    Dwight Look College of Engineering (Texas A & M)

Dwight Look College of Engineering (Texas A & M)
When it comes to the consistently grading of best engineering schools in the countryside, the major campus of Texas A & M at college station holds the first spot in this ranking catalog. It is an institute offering plentiful disciplines together with engineering majors, and it is just spotted in college station Texas.

It is offering more than 23 graduate as well as undergraduate degree programs through 13 separate departments. It was founded in 1876. It holds the first spot amid the best engineering institutes of Texas. Here more than 350 faculty members are teaching over 12000 students. However, it is pretty costly but the fee cost depends upon the course of your choice.For Further Information Just Visit the Official Website.

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