Top Ten Biotechnology Universities in Texas

Top Ten Biotechnology Universities in Texas


Currently, there are more than ten colleges and universities that are offering research biotechnology programs in Texas State. If you are collecting information about the degree programs their options and tuition information here is a brief overview for you that would help you pick a right program.

The biotechnology programs are providing its students more career opportunities in the private as well as the public sector. These courses enable them to research and develop the products for the innovation of medicine, agriculture sector, and environmental practices. Today its master’s degree programs have become more ordinary in the Texas state. Furthermore, the bachelor’s degree and associate programs are also accessible here.

The main feature of this program contains various scientific fields incorporating genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, and cell biology. Students can put on the hands-on abilities by taking part in various internships, laboratory tasks, and diverse research programs.  Students  applying for the master’s degree programs must hold a bachelor’s degree while submitting their application. Texas has various schools, colleges and universities offering biotechnology however the rules, requirements, fee structure, facilities and popularity score varies.


list of biotechnology universities in texas state

San Jacinto Community College claims to be the best college in Texas for biotechnology program

San Jacinto Community College holds the first spot in our catalog. It is just situated in Pasadena and widely famed as one of the biggest public institutes in the countryside that offers an associate of science in Biotechnology. This program is provided within engineering & science department. The program incorporates coursework natural science, social science, communication, oral communications, mathematics, and humanities. This program is specially introduced to transfer to the four years University.

Just behind the San Jacinto Community College the next spot is given to Stephen F. Austin State University. It is offering a master’s program in the biotechnology department. The program is provided along with the co-operation of Texas university health center in Tyler. Furthermore, achievement of biochemistry and molecular biology requires the submission of the thesis by students. The institute is also offering its students a science research center that was formed in 1999.

Here we have profiled the top ten largest colleges and universities that are offering the biotechnology programs in Texas.


top 10 biotechnology universities in texas

List of Top Ten Biotechnology Universities in Texas At a Glance

Institute Name Institute Type & Setting Biotechnology Degrees Offered Undergraduate Tuition and Fees (2012-13)
San Jacinto Community College Two-year, public; suburb large A.S. in Biotechnology In-district: $1,312*
In-state: $2,296*
Out-of-state: $3,496*
Stephen F. Austin State University Four-years public; rural fringe M.S in Biotechnology -: $7,928*
-: $18,458*
Texas A&M University – College Station Four-years public; city small Master of Biotechnology – : $8,506
– : $25,035*
Texas Tech University Four-years public; city midsize M.S. /
J.D./M.S. in Biotechnology
-: $7,517*
-: $15,941*
University of Houston Four-years
public; large city
B.S. in Biotechnology -: $8,094*
-: $16,518*
University of Houston – Clear Lake Four-years public; large city M.S. in Biotechnology -: $5,304*
-: $14,784*
University of Houston – Downtown Four-years public; large city B.S. in Biotechnology -: $5,022*
-: $13,446*
University of Texas at Dallas Four-year public; small city M.S. in Biotechnology -: $10,666*
-: $25,084*
University of Texas at San Antonio Four-year public; large city M.S. in Biotechnology -: $7,389*
-: $15,813*
West Texas A&M University Four-year public; fringe town B.S. in Biotechnology -: $6,308*
-: $7,028*


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