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University of North Texas

Being one of the biggest Texas colleges, University of North Texas offers 99 graduation, 83 Master’s and 36 doctoral level degree programs. By giving authority, inviting differing qualities and fortifying its joint efforts with its numerous instructive, business and group accomplices,  UNT’s teachers and staff work every day to develop students for the challenges they will meet in this evolving world. In addition constructing new organizations over the globe also play a significant role.


Faculty members are considered the backbone of UNT’s mission. The leadership of teaching staff in research, performance, inventive exercises, teaching and administrative exercises has made national and global standing for incredibleness of various educational programs inside the UNT’s 12 schools and colleges.


Students and the faculty members participate in inventive research activities and innovative exercises that reliably break new grounds. The thrilling educational grant at UNT is extensive based and sweeping, including research in the social sciences, arts, and humanities along with the mathematics, sciences, engineering, and technology.

Worldwide Associations

Encouraging worldwide consideration and advancing social affections are fundamental to figure out tomorrow’s victorious worldwide leaders. UNT’s key universal affiliations look to enhance personal satisfaction, encourage the trading of thoughts and culture, and allow for significant analysis tending to worldwide issues. The University of North Texas is hosting visiting researchers and staff from over 50 dissimilar nations and offers worldwide learning and skill programs in more than 37 countries. UNT additionally profits from rich assorted qualities of global students.

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As a state-funded Institute, University of North Texas bears an exceptional obligation to progress and enhance society. Its teaching members, students, and other staff give priority to this commitment just to accomplish more that will have any effect.

Diversity of the Institute

UNT has a background marked by keeping up an honest and welcoming environment that invites any individual who endeavors to accomplish his/her own best. UNT has values expanding differences among the people who make up its group. It is one of UNT’s most noteworthy qualities making it a great institute in Texas.


UNT keeps on expanding its legacy of environmentalism and protection, where it teaches green, research green, and just are green in all that it is doing. UNT is offering more than 50 courses with an surviving focus. Faculty members are looking for the techniques to lessen society’s effect, and in its day to day operations UNT walks gently. Its campus has an energetic recycling system, energizes its vehicles with biodiesel, and is retrofitting the building for more prominent vitality productivity while building new structures to meet the most noteworthy green building values.


Join Us

university of North Texas campus building

Education is opening doors, changing lives and enhancing the society. At UNT, professional and skilled faculty members are focusing to help more than 36,000 students succeed at whatever attempt they look to seek after. What’s more, the faculty members praise more than 316,000 Active Alumni who utilize their UNT learning to have any effect consistently.

Admission Statistics

Facts Figures
Total Applicants 18,299
Female Applicants 10,206
Male Applicants 8,093
Total Acceptances 10,922
Female Acceptances 4,748
Male Acceptances 6,174
Acceptance Rate 60%
Yield (Percentage of admitted students who enroll) 42%

Overall Student Body

Types of Students No. of Students
Full-Time Undergrads 23,870
Part-Time Undergrads 6,723
Female Undergrads 16,122
Male Undergrads 14,471
Total Grad Students 7,357
Part-Time Grad Students 4,079
Full-Time Grad Students 3,278

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  • Address : 1155 Union Cir, Denton, TX 76203, United States
  • Phone : (940) 565-2000
  • Official Website : www.unt.edu


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