University Of Southern California

University Of Southern California

Recognized as an anchor foundation in the Los Angeles and a global center for arts, the University of Southern California stands among the chief private research universities on the planet. Through a superior erudition setting, its various curricular are offerings an extensive range of opportunities for the interdisciplinary students and collaborating with the leading researchers.

USC is fostering a vibrant culture of public services with its strong tradition of integrating the liberal and professional education.  It also supports its students to cross the educational as well as geographical limitations during their academic session.

University of Southern California – A Brief History

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In earlier 1870s, The Los Angeles was measured as a rough tumble frontier town when a crowd of public-spirited people saw a dream set up a university in their region for the higher education. This dream became a reality within a decade. In 1880, when USC initially opened its doors, there were only 53 students and ten faculty members. The streets still lacked the paved streets, telephones, electric lights and a reliable security alarm system during that period. But today this Institute is widely recognized as a best and popular university. Today USC has more than 41000 students and around 3800 full-time faculty members. It is just positioned in the core of one of the greatest metropolises on the planet.

Student Body At University

University Of Southern California campus life

Facts Figures
Undergraduates 19,000
Graduate and Professional 24,000
Total 43,000

Student Demographics

Students by Races Percentage
White/Caucasian 33%
International 23%
Asians 18%
Hispanic 12%
Black/African-American 5%
Misc. 9%

Freshman Class (Fall 2014)

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Facts Figures
Applicants 51,920
Admits 9,358 (18 percent)
Matriculants 3,098
Average GPA 3.73 (unweighted)
Middle 50-percent SAT range 1960-2190
National Merit Scholars 230
First-generation college students 14 percent

Total Degrees Granted In 2013 Session

Facts Figures
Bachelor’s degrees 4,737
Advanced degrees 8,315
Six-Year Graduation Rate (Student Right-to-Know*)
2014 (Fall 2008 freshman class)   91%
2013 (Fall 2007 freshman class) 91%
2012 (Fall 2006 freshman class) 90%

 Faculty and Staff According to 2014-15

Facts Figures
Faculty (Full-Time) 3,945
Staff (50% or More) 13,216
Student workers
(Does Not Include Teaching/Research Assistants)
Total 25,041

If you want to peruse an undergraduate degree, you have to bear $48,347 as your educational cost. However, if you are a brilliant student and want to get free education through the financial aid programs offered by the university, you can also take advantage of Free education as per your previous educational performance.  During 2013-2014 academic, the University allocated more than $440 million as the financial aid expenses.

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