University of Texas Pan American

University of Texas Pan American

The University of Texas Pan American is a popular Hispanic Institute just positioned among one of the quickly establishing areas in the countryside. It is just positioned in Edinburg, Texas which is almost ten miles North of Mexico border. The university if offering various program related classes in the Rio Grande City, South Padre Island, McAllen and many other regions through the online learning community. Since the establishment, University offered more than 2600 associate, 58000 bachelors, 13000 masters, and 155 doctoral degrees. Today, UTPA is offering the education on much affordable fee. Similarly,  it also offers various global opportunities along with a choice of 56 bachelors’, 53 master’s, three doctoral and two cooperative degree programs through its seven different colleges.

Courses offered by Seven Different Colleges

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College of Arts & Humanities

Department Programs
Department of Art
Art – Bachelor of Arts
Fine Arts – Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • Studio
  • Graphic
Art Teacher Certification
Department of Communication
Communication Studies – Bachelor of Arts
Communication-Speech Teacher Certification Track
Communication – Journalism – Bachelor of Arts
Advertising – PR track
Print Track
Broadcasting Track
Teacher Certification Track
Theater – Bachelor of Arts
Performance Track
Design Track
TV/Film Track
Teacher Certification Track
Department of English
English – Bachelor of Arts
Uncertified-Applied Linguistics
Uncertified-Border Studies
Decertified-Creative Writing
Decertified-Cultural Studies
Decertified-Linguistics & Language
English Uncertified Literature
Uncertified Writing & Discourse Studies
Uncertified No emphasis AALT
English Certified 4-8
English Certified 8-12 ESL
  English Certified 8-12
Department of History & Philosophy
History – Bachelor of Arts
Teacher Certification Track
Social Studies Composite – Bachelor of Arts
Mexican American Studies – Bachelor of Arts
Philosophy – Bachelor of Arts
Music and Dance
Applied- Instrumental – Bachelor of Music Instrumental w/ certification
Applied- Vocal KB – Bachelor of Music
Choral Keyboard w/ certification
Dance – Bachelor of Arts
Options 1 and 2   Performance
Department of Modern Languages and Literature
Latin American Studies – Bachelor of Arts
Spanish – Bachelor of Arts
Spanish with Teacher Certification
French – Bachelor of Arts
French with Teacher Certification

College of Business Administration

Department Programs
Department of Accounting and Business Law
Accounting – Bachelor of Business Administration
Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods
Computer Information Systems – Bachelor of Business Administration
Department of Economics and Finance
Economics – Bachelor of Arts
Economics – Bachelor of Business Administration
Finance – Bachelor of Business Administration
Department of Management, Marketing and International Business
International Business – Bachelor of Business Administration
Management – Bachelor of Business Administration
Marketing – Bachelor of Business Administration

College of Education

Departments Programs
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Interdisciplinary Studies – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies (Special Education)
Bilingual Generalist (Interdisciplinary)
Middle School- ELA
Department of Health and Kinesiology
Health – Bachelor of Science
Health Certified
Kinesiology – Bachelor of Science
Kinesiology Certified

 College of Health Sciences & Human Services

Departments Programs
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Communication Sciences and Disorders – Bachelor of Science
Coordinated Program in Dietetics
Dietetics – Bachelor of Science
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Clinical Lab. Sciences – Bachelor of Science
Department of Nursing
Nursing – Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Nursing – Generic
Nursing (RN)
Department of Rehabilitation
Rehabilitative Services – No Concentration – Bachelor of Science
Rehabilitative Services – Addictions Concentration – Bachelor of Science
Rehabilitative Services – Deaf Concentration – Bachelor of Science
Department of Social Work
Social Work – Bachelor of Social Work

College of Science & Mathematics

Departments Programs
Biology – Bachelor of Science
Pre-Dental Biology
Pre-Medical Biology
Pre-Optometry Biology
Biology with Life Science Certification
Environmental Science – Bachelor of Science
Department of Chemistry
Chemistry – Bachelor of Science
Pre-Dental Chemistry
Pre-Medical Chemistry
Pre-Optometry Chemistry
Pre-Pharmacy Chemistry
Department of Physics and Geology
Physics – Bachelor of Science
Environmental Science Program
Environmental Science – Bachelor of Science
Department of Mathematics
Mathematics – Bachelor of Science
Applied Math Concentration
Middle School Concentration
Secondary Math Concentration
Science & Engineering Concentration
Statistics Concentration
Mathematics Teaching Certification

Apart from the above mentioned programs, The University of Texas Pan American offers many other programs through its other colleges.

Points of Pride for the Institute

University of Texas Pan American students

  • The institute stands among the Top 100 best U.S colleges that are especially serving the Hispanic Students.
  • When it comes to the highest number of Hispanic registered students, it holds the fifth spot.
  • When it comes to the figure of undergraduates and graduate degrees awarded to Hispanic students, UT Pan American Holds the fifth spot in the United States.

STEM Fields

Here the engineering students have been challenging at the National Mini Baja Design Contest since 1999 and have also stood amid the top 15 in the International Society of Automotive Engineers.

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  • Address : 1201 W University Dr, Edinburg, TX 78539, United States
  • Phone : (866) 441-8872
  • Official Website :


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