University of Texas At Austin

University of Texas At Austin

University of Texas At Austin traces its roots since 1883, so it holds a significant role in the historical institutes around the world. The longhorn mascot is the official symbol of UT that can be seen everywhere in the state. It also has much significance because of its best and stronger athletics programs. A tower located in the UT is another attractive landmark in the Austin city that sparkles burnt orange in every celebration of the university creating a wonderful scene in the state. As per the U.S News & Report, the Institute holds 45th spot in the national rankings. Academic calendar is based on the semester system honoring the undergraduate, graduate and various other programs in diverse disciplines.

Programs Offered by The University of Texas Austin Campus

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Sr. No. Programs
1. Geosciences
2. Education
3. Engineering
4. Liberal Arts
5. Communication
6. Natural Sciences
7. Fine Arts
8. Business
9. Pharmacy

The Institute is offering number of best degree programs including Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctorate programs. These programs are offered by 17 separate colleges and schools in the University. These schools and colleges are offering below listed programs:

Sr. No. Programs
1. Business Administration
2. Civil Engineering
3. English
4. Biology
5. History
6. Petroleum Engineering

Another thing making the University an ideal institute for all the brilliant students is the provision of more than 650 study abroad programs that are empowering its students to visit the foreign countries for their highest quality education. These programs enhance the educational skills of these students in their field of interest. The Institute  is also offering the Progressive instructional courses, career as well as academic support to its students.

University of Texas At Austin – Accreditation Details:

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Due to the number of advanced & attractive educational facilities and achievements, university has been accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in 1901. The University is raising the standards that were set in place by the accrediting party. Furthermore, various other programs offered by the University are also accredited by various accrediting bodies.

Admission Criteria – University of Texas Austin Campus

The Fresh students coming to get admission in UT are welcomed to apply through the Texas Common Applications. However application and fee are not the only requirements, The students will also be required to submit the following perquisites:

  • Transcripts
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Resumes

Despite, some programs also require the applicants to take the particular classes of their secondary level education. Every major requires some additional necessities to be submitted along with the application form and fee. Some educational majors may require the Portfolios, Essays and a few different documents along with the application form and processing charges.

Before applying for UT, you must check out your relevant department for all the necessary details. As the University has the semester-based academic calendar, there are two deadlines in a year for the freshmen.The applicants applying for a graduate degree program must hold a minimum bachelor’s degree along with at least GPA of 3.0 In their undergraduate program.

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The official graduating class tests are also necessary to the students. After checking out the applications, reviewing the transcripts, the admission officers make sure either the students are academically qualified for their programs or not. Afterward, the students are given admission in the university. The Students are further asked to submit the recommendation letters as well. All the departments have their specific requirements that, however, vary on the basis of field a student selects.

Contact Details :

Contact Details
Address : Austin, TX 78712, United States
Phone # : +1 512-471-3434
University Official Blog : University Official Website


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