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Top 10 Universities in Virginia State

Top 10 Universities in Virginia State

Virginia is one state that is full of rich history with the origins of the state stemming from one of 13 original colonies that settled in North America. It is often called the mother of all states as the states like Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and other Great Lakes states like Michigan were once all or partly under the one name of Virginia State. Because of its rich history which has produced 8 of the total U.S Presidents, it is evident that there would also be higher educational institutes in Virginia that are some of the oldest and in turn, very prestigious in America. Despite being the 35th in size, it is the 12th most populous state in U.S. Virginia represents all sorts of regions and climate with the coastal Atlantic states having vast plains as well as the breathtaking backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains range. If you talk about the universities, Virginia has some of the most prestigious public as well as private higher education institutes and some of them like Liberty University quite simply being of mammoth size. Here are mentioned all details about Top Universities in Virginia.

All the institutes below are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Top Universities in Virginia

  1. Washington and Lee University

Top 10 universities in virginia state

Washington and Lee University (exists in the category of Top Universities in Virginia) was first established in 1749 as a higher education institute that is private in its operation. A lot of the success that this small-sized university has garnered over the years is owed to the $20,000 donation that the first ever US president made towards the university, which would be well over $2 million in today’s value for dollars. The university only has around 2,000 students on its gorgeous campus with the classes being very intimate in size. The students have personalized student-life programs and also a first-year-experience program that allows the freshmen to mingle with seniors to get the feel of the campus life. The university serves around 40 distinct majors at the undergraduate level with most being in the liberal arts category. Washington and Lee University has proven its worth over the years with rigorous academic life and high sports involvement. That shows in the 19% acceptance rate of this college, the lowest in the state. Here it is the 5th one in the raking of Top Universities in Virginia

University of Richmond

Top universities in virginia state

Richmond University combines the vigor of small classes and the intellectual decorum with the research capabilities of a flagship state-funded institute neatly into a one highly sought after private college. The university has over 175 student organizations from among the relatively small sized 5,000 student body. These are heavily involved in life beyond the campus and welcome freshmen with open arms that help them assimilate to the lifestyle at UR. The university has a program called the ‘Richmond Guarantee’ which makes sure that every undergrad student at the University receives at least one internship, fellowship or a research opportunity that gives them $4,000 in scholarship funding. The college has a very strong liberal arts curriculum with majors in business and law also getting a sizable attention. The acceptance rate is just over 30% which also makes it one of the most selective institutes in Virginia. The fourth one is this university in the list of Top Universities in Virginia.

The College of William and Mary

Top universities in virginia

The second oldest higher education institute established in 1693 after the Ivy League member Harvard University is a glutton for research activities which has set the world alight among its peer colleges. Apart from the Ivy League with eight private university members, there is a semi-official ‘Public Ivy League’ which also has eight colleges in the country. Virginia has two of them with ‘The College of William and Mary’ and ‘University of Virginia.’  Students must try to take admission in one of the Top Universities in Virginia. The university promotes Greek Life with Frat houses and Sororities then there are over 400 student organisations, several varsity teams, and creative groups among the 9,500 student body. W&M has a heavy research curriculum with students actively taking part in research opportunities and grant projects. The acceptance rate is around 30% which also indicates the popularity that this institute enjoys. It is 3rd in the catalog of Top Universities in Virginia.

Liberty University

Top universities in virginia

The largest Christian university in the world and the fourth-largest in the United States with 81,000 students in its various campus lives, Liberty University it is also a member of Top Universities in Virginia and had announced itself from the very start as one of the fastest growing universities in the world. The private university was established in 1971, and it now has over 100,000 students worldwide if you count the online student body as well. The university carries Baptist values that put emphasis on core human values and the pursuit of knowledge. There are over 500 majors to choose from so whether you are interested in theater and music studies or the arcane Archeology Studies, Liberty University has something you would like to pursue. There are also tremendous research opportunities that allow the students to branch out in their field of studies. Now despite being the largest Christian University in the world, the acceptance rate is barely over 20% which is the second lowest in Virginia, further proving the allure that Liberty University carries over the world. The number two in the ranking of Top Universities in Virginia.

University of Virginia

Top 10 universities in virginia

University of Virginia (UVA) that was a part of Top Universities in Virginia was build in 1819, and it is considered the signature Public Ivy in the country with its curriculum offering rigorous studies and premium research opportunities to the postgraduate as well as undergraduate students. The best majors at UVA include architectural history, business, engineering, healthcare, liberal arts, and sciences. The university also puts a large emphasis on giving back to the community and 80% of its large 25,000 student body is always involved in some community service project. Then there are several varsity teams, hundreds of student organizations and excellence centers that take University of Virginia to the top. The low acceptance rate of 29% is another reason why University of Virginia garners the cream of the crop when it comes to students. A first one in the list of Top Universities in Virginia.

Top Universities in Virginia

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Virginia 25,000 25 – 30%
2. Liberty University 81,000 20 – 25%
3. The College of William and Mary 9,500 30 – 35%
4. University of Richmond 5,000 30 – 35%
5. Washington and Lee University 2,000 15 – 20%
6. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 25,000 70 – 75%
7. Virginia Commonwealth University 35,000 60%
8 George Mason University Over 33,000 80%
9. James Madison University 23,000 60 – 65%
10 Radford University 10,000 75 – 85%