Top 10 Universities in Washington State

Top 10 Universities in Washington State

A state in the Pacific southwest that is especially known for its rainy climate, Washington is the 18th largest state in the United States. There are quite a few big cities in Washington like Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Bellevue. Seattle being the largest with a population of over 650,000 is host to many of the high ranking universities and colleges in Washington. There are over 80 public and private higher education institutes in Washington so it could be a challenge to choose colleges that satisfy the value it can provide for students for the money they spend. Read all about Top Universities in Washington in this article.

Apart from that, quality of education and ability to grow as a researcher also comes into play. Living in Washington means that you get to enjoy the better climate, breathtaking sceneries and the cheaper living compared to the east. It is understandably a bonus point that Washington provides value for money without compromising on the quality of education that is on par with the New England region.

Top Universities in Washington


5.Seattle University

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Seattle University was established in 1891 in the city of Seattle and it operates today as a non-profit, private university. Here you will find majors in the liberal arts, engineering, information technology and business related fields. The university is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities with a student body of over 8,000. The number may not be that large in the context of public education system but 8,000 are a large number of students for a private facility. The acceptance rate is below 75% which is moderately selective for higher education institutes in Washington. The university is especially known for its writing program and a department for sport administration and journalism. It comes at number five in the ranking of Top Universities in Washington.

  1. Whitman College

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When you talk about Whitman College you have to think about all the great adventures that college life could offer you coupled with quality education. The flagship liberal arts private college in the state, Whitman College (one of the Top Universities in Washington) was established back in 1859 as a non-profit, private higher education institute. The College’s student body is a shade over 1,500 and there are 45 different language houses in dormitory system available for student with different native tongues. Whitman College is especially known for its rich history in music theory, jazz studies and visual plus performance arts. Despite being a liberal arts school, Whitman College doesn’t compromise on sports. Intramural sports and extreme sports like mountaineering or kayaking are an integral part in the student life at WC. The 4rth one in the catalog of Top Universities in Washington.

3.Washington State University

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Washington State University was established in 1890 and it does its part in providing higher education for the masses with a sublime touch. A large student body of over 30,000 can partake in one of the many majors available at the undergraduate, graduate and PhD level studies. WSU is accredited by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and it is one of the most innovative research universities in the country. The university has a construction engineering program designed specifically for professions in the Fortune 500 companies. Apart from this, fields like agriculture, food sciences, neuroscience and chemical engineering are the most popular. It is 3rd in the ranking of Top Universities in Washington.

  1. Gonzaga University

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Gonzaga University was established in 1887 as private, non-profit college that dedicated itself from the onset towards Catholic Church guided education. Starting out as an out-and-out liberal arts college, Gonzaga now also offers degrees in other major fields that include engineering and business related programs. Now recognized as a university that provides not only grad school education but doctorate level programs as well, Gonzaga University has a medium sized student body of 8,500 students. Around 70% of the students that apply get selected to study in the university. Students should join one of the Top Universities in Washington.

Gonzaga University has made its mark in the Entrepreneurship courses as well as the communication theories at the grad school level. Students at GU not only receive several scholarship opportunities, the university also has a vibrant athletic program. There are several varsity teams that compete in the NCAA I division. Their basketball team of both men’s and women’s are nationally ranked. It is 2nd in the category of Top Universities in Washington.

  1. University of Washington at Seattle

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University of Washington at Seattle or UW-Seattle was established in 1861 and it now runs as a non-profit public university in the city of Seattle. It is also the signature university campus of the University of Washington system in the state, others being in Tacoma and Bothell. UW-Seattle is a very large university with a student body that goes beyond 50,000. Even with such a large student body the acceptance rate is just over 50% which makes it one of the most rigorous universities in Washington when it comes to its selection criteria. It is 1st in the list of Top Universities in Washington.

The university is research oriented and receives millions of U.S dollars in research grants and funding for the past few decades. UW-Seattle (which is a part of Top Universities in Washington) has one of the largest undergraduate student bodies that actually gets involved in research projects and also gets to present them at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Their athletic program is one of the best in the state with the Huskies varsity teams competing in NCAA division I.

Here are mentioned Top Universities in Washington in the table given below.

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Washington at Seattle Over 50,000 50 – 60%
2. Gonzaga University 8,500 60 – 70%
3. Washington State University Over 30,000 70 – 80%
4. Whitman College Over 1,500 40%
5. Seattle University 8,000 65 – 75%
6. Western Washington University Over 16,000 60 – 70%
7. Seattle Pacific University Over 4,500 70 – 80%
8 Eastern Washington University 16,500 60 – 70%
9. Central Washington University 12,000 80 – 90%
10 Walla Walla University Over 2,000 50 – 60%