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Best Universities to Study in Wyoming State

Best Universities to Study in Wyoming State

If Alaska is one big freeze-land filled with mooses and killer whales by the coasts, Wyoming is another state that quite successfully mimics the largest state by being an uninhabited mountainous terrain. Most of Wyoming consists of mountain ranges, lakes and even 32 smaller uninhabited Islands within those lakes. Most of the Northwest area of the Wyoming comprises of natural scenery that contains mountains, valleys, lakes, ponds, hot springs and even canyons. Yellowstone Park is the largest National Park with its own climate and the size that is four times the (non?)-famous Island nation of Cyprus. Read all about Top Universities in Wyoming in this article.

So if you are planning of living and earning your higher education degree here in Top Universities in Wyoming then it is quite possible that you will have all kinds of natural scenery to explore at your full disposal.

However, being a mostly uninhabited area, even though it is the 10th largest state in the Union it is the least populated state out of all 50, 51 if you count District of Colombia. With only 600,000 people making the total population, that is mostly scattered and in rural places, higher education opportunities are limited. The only university in the state that doles out doctorates, four year degrees and grad school opportunities is the University of Wyoming. The rest are the two-year community colleges which you can count almost all of them on your two hands. Still, we are going to cherry pick the five institutes in Wyoming that actually do present with competent educational facilities.

Top Universities in Wyoming

  1. Eastern Wyoming College

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The Eastern Wyoming College aims to be the conscientious decision for students when it comes to joining an academic culture that provides education to improve your standing in the community. The college was established in 1948 in Torrington, Wyoming, and it is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. EWC has over 2,000 students that study on a regular credit based education. There are also over 6,000 students that are involved with non-credit educational activities. Students at EWC have quite a few options when it comes to course selection. The fields of agriculture, wildlife sciences, business and fisheries are most popular. Options for law enforcement training are also available. This university is placing at number 3 in the category of Top Universities in Wyoming.

  1. Casper College

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Casper College was established in 1945 as a non-profit, public institute which makes it the oldest junior/community college in the state. Founded in the second largest city in Wyoming, Casper; Casper College is the most comprehensive community college in the state with facilities that rival most public universities elsewhere. If you choose Casper College you have the privilege of choosing from any one of the 113 associate degree programs. The class sizes are very intimate, 14:1 which is almost like a private four year college in terms of educational method. Students must have to study in one of the Top Universities in Wyoming.

The college consists of several art galleries, theatres and even a concert venue all of which attract foreign or out-of-state visitors. There are advanced degree programs available in several fields as you also have access to 15 different specialized Wyoming colleges through partnership programs. It is 2nd in the list of Top Universities in Wyoming.

  1. University of Wyoming

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University of Wyoming (known as one of the Top Universities in Wyoming) was established in 1886 as a non-profit, public university which makes it the oldest higher education facility in the state. Situated in the city of Laramie, Wyoming, the UW has such a high standing within the state that its very location in state is listed within the constitution of the state. The UW culture dictates that the on campus students form a very tightly knit community and participate in the academic and cultural activities. There are over a 100 majors on offer at the undergraduate, graduate and PhD level programs. It comes at number one in the ranking of Top Universities in Wyoming.

The most sought after fields are accounting and finance, economics, agriculture and soil science, theatre and dance, and different fields within the liberal arts. University of Wyoming maybe the only university in the state but it has strong ties within the state and is also recognized as a top tier university out of state. Famous politician and former Vice President of America, Dick Chaney, is one of the most notable alumni from the University of Wisconsin.

Top Universities in Wyoming

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Wyoming 27,000 90 – 100%
2. Casper College 5,500 90 – 100%
3. Eastern Wyoming College Over 2,000 90 – 100%
4. Sheridan College 2,500 90 – 100%
5. Central Wyoming College 3,200 90 – 100%