Top Universities in Yukon Canada

Top Universities in Yukon Canada

Yukon is one of the three administrative territories in Canada and it is the smallest one, the other two being Nunavut and Northwest Territories. Yukon was split from the Northwest Territories in the late 19th century in 1898. The three administrative territories of Canada all have English and French as their official languages. The territories also recognize other languages that were used to communicate by the first nations but only English and French are part of the laws, court and legislative procedures. Read below about Top Universities in Yukon.

The amazing fact about Yukon is that despite the territory’s behemoth size of almost half a million km sq. which is larger than over 150 sovereign states/countries of the world, its population barely reaches the 40,000 mark. In fact the 2016 estimate is barely over 37,000. That is pretty much the deciding factor in determining the education scene in the territory. The academics include few pre-schools, junior highs, a handful of High Schools and then there are two post-secondary institutions alone that provide the higher education to the masses in Yukon.

Even that wasn’t available to the people of Yukon till 1979 until the restoration of the governmental territorial representation from Canada. After that the Yukon College was established in 1983. Its main campus was established in the city of Whitehorse which is the capital and the largest city with over 75% of the total Yukon population. The rest of the population is in the seven other town, with the second largest city of Yukon, Dawson, being a town of around 1,500 population. I mention than little town only for the reason that the other Yukon degree granting, higher education institution is in that town called the Yukon School of Visual Arts.

The Impact of Higher Education on Yukon

The higher education Institutes of Top Universities in Yukon are accredited by the Yukon College Governance, which puts emphasis on quality assurance in the institutes as well as a proper structure for student admittance in the land. These higher education institutes are also poised to servicing the First Nations people that are in a sizeable minority in the land and speak languages other than English and French. These reforms have led to the ease of accessibility to the aboriginal people in Yukon. It is reflected in the fact that only one out of four Aboriginal people in Yukon that are over the age of 25 now have not completed either High School or entered in any post-secondary education institute, University or otherwise.

The other positive impact of obtaining higher education for people in Top Universities in Yukon is the immediate availability for better job opportunities in the territory, especially the city of Whitehorse. This has been overly true for the labour and service market. The population of Yukon has also been on the rise since the education reform. People from other areas of Canada and even international students have come to pursue education at Yukon College. This has had a great impact on Yukon’s economy and thriving administration as the last census showed an increase of 15% in population.

Here is some information about the two higher education institutes in Yukon for the people that want to study here. You can count the fact of Whitehorse being the least polluted city in the world being a huge plus in favour of studying and living in Yukon.

Top Universities in Yukon Canada

  1. Yukon School of Visual Arts

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Yukon School of Visual Arts,(also exists in Top Universities in Yukon) also known widely by the acronym of SOVA, is the most northern Visual arts college in Canada and North America. The college is accredited through the Applied arts division of the Yukon College and also has partnership with four other art schools from other parts of Canada. These are Alberta College of Art, Calgary; Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver; NSCAD, Halifax; and the Ontario College of Art and Design, Ontario. The institute was established in2007 in the city of Dawson and it is also a part of the Dawson City Arts Society which allows students access to showcase their own talents through Exhibits. The curriculum is based on all visual media, may they be 2D, 3D or even 4D, which is categorized as New Media. The students at SOVA also have the privilege to hold video conferences for collaboration with other art school partners of the institute. Ranked second inTop Universities in Yukon.

  1. Yukon College

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Yukon College (member of Top Universities in Yukon) was established in 1983 after the restoration of the Canadian administration. But the roots of the College can be traced back further 20 years with the Yukon Vocational and Technical Training Institute being replaced by it because of the administration’s complains about lack of quality and other issues beforehand. Now Yukon College has around 6,500 students with over 200 of them in some kind of post-graduate programs, around half in undergraduate degrees and the rest attending classes for partial degrees, diplomas, vocational certificates and other pre-professional studies along with continuing education. There are five areas of studies with the School of Liberal Arts; Business School and Management; School of Science, Trades and Technology; School of Health; and lastly the School of Access with all the vocational certificates and diplomas. The acceptance is over 90% as the college is available to all the Yukon residents that have a High School Diploma. It comes at first in Top Universities in Yukon.